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Rouge Closet

Are you struggling for what to wear everyday?

Do you have difficulty to choose what’s best for yourself?

Do you want to build your personal style?

Hey dear, don’t be cornered.  Who doesn’t have the above concern?  I was a deadly victim of the above too.  But how did I get through them?  This is what I want to share with you in Rouge Closet.  It’s a process to create, and an on-going process to enhance your personal style.  Through my experience, hope I can shed a little inspiration for you.  And I truly hope that you can be with me in my process too.

To me, style is what you know about yourself and how you love to be yourself.  It’s all about selecting the best for yourself rather than collecting all the goods for others.

Founded in December 2011 and rebranded in July 2012.  Rouge Closet used to be a beauty blog and it was transformed to become my personal style blog since September 2014. Posting every week, here you can find how I reflect my personal style via what I wore, what I chose and what I tried.  Together with my Stylist Licqoo,  I curate and recommend some of my favourite trending items to soothe your online shopping nerves.  Sometimes, I include some tips on how to build your perfect wardrobe too.  My style is smart office outfit during weekdays and minimalist street style during weekends.  You can search your favourite topic from all my posts in my archives.

Disclaimer: Images used here are all taken by my iPhone, Sony NEX-5R or Sony α7MII unless otherwise stated. Rouge Closet may include affiliate links on products and services that I love or tried by myself. As the author Ruby K is an executive in an International bank, Rouge Closet does not accept all kinds of sponsored content, products, advertising or any other forms of paid compensation from all financial institutes or any organisation deems sensitive.

About Ruby K

Born and raised in Hong Kong.  Graduated from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Diocesan Girls’ School.  I am based in Hong Kong with an international appetite.  Day time I am a banker working in International corporates for over a decade (professionally connect with me at Linkedin).  Night time and weekend, I am myself.

I started to blog since 2011.  At first, I wrote about beauty products and review and was ranked 11th at the myblogs.asia beauty blog billboard in 2013.  However, I have an internal voice telling me that I have more to share.  Not only how to make-up myself, but also how to express my inner self through my clothes, my accessories, my way of mix & match.  In Sep 2014, I have extended the scope to also cover fashion and style, thus becoming a personal style blogger.  With over 36K Instagram and over 13K Facebook followers, I was ranked 3rd in the Best Female Fashion Award of #legend100HK list in 2017.  Heartfelt thanks to everyone.

I am an advocate for rotating good quality fashion items.  The best fashion staples are those with quality and versatility which you can style them in many different ways.  If you have a good item, why not wearing it more often?  Tricks are how to style them differently yet to preserve your originality and personality.  That’s the starting point of what’s your personal style.  With that in mind, your perfect wardrobe is not far away.

I have 3 cats, Luna, Qoony and Riz.  Yet, my beloved Licqoo (aka Stylist Licqoo) is always on my mind too.  Sometimes you can find them in my posts.

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