Self-Portrait Asymmetric Ruffle One-shoulder Stripe Poplin Top

Outfit of the day: Self-Portrait Asymmetric Ruffle One-shoulder Stripe Poplin Top It’s an IT style now to wear an asymmetric piece.  Not to mention if it also has the ruffle details and in a one-shoulder cut.  This gorgeous Self-Portrait asymmetric ruffle one-shoulder stripe poplin top is surely to win everyone attention.  Here I style it … Continue Reading

I am a Diptyque-holic

Can’t recall since when, I became a diptyque-holic.  Candles, parfums, accessories all lying around my home.  A decent smell to me is extremely important.  Not only on myself, but also the environment around me.  The pleasant scents sets the atmosphere and the energy aura around.  A lively scents to wake you up to work.  A romantic … Continue Reading

No Makeup Day Essentials

Having a 2-week leave without an overseas trip seems ridiculous to some people.  But for me, staying home or walking around the neighbourhood without any time-pressed is the most relaxing moment.  :)Having said that, I don’t wear any makeup on holiday, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t look awake and confident.  My essentials for … Continue Reading

CHANEL Year End Gift 2013

剛剛才想起,原來我沒有post到CHANEL的2013年Year End Gift,今天補返,作個記錄。 話說2013年的Year End Gift是比往年遲送出的,差不多都2014年二、三月才收到。還以為CHANEL沒有禮物送給我等粉絲,幸好不是,遲到好過無到呢!呵呵! 今年的禮物是包括三小瓶Les Exclusifs de CHANEL香水和一個白色山茶花形的陶瓷香氛座禮盒。三瓶小香水分別是Gardenia,Beige和Jersey;三瓶都是一向佷受歡迎的Les Exclusifs香水。CHANEL很細心,除了身上要塗上香水,屋內也要同樣香氣洋溢。把小香水滴在陶瓷山茶花座的背後,放在床頭,窗邊或是你喜歡的地方,讓它慢慢的散發香味來,好優雅、好CHANEL啊! 那個陶瓷山茶花香氛座的造工很美,是室內小擺設的佳品。謝謝CHANEL! 重溫: CHANEL Year End Gift 2012 CHANEL Year End Gift 2011 Tell me do you like it?