La Prairie x Julian Charriere – Light upon an Imaginary Space

Art Basel Hong Kong 2018: La Prairie x Julian Charriere – Light upon an Imaginary Space Spring has become an important art season for Hong Kong because there were many art related happenings in March. The most significant and representative one should be the Ary Basel Hong Kong hoisted at the Hong Kong Exhibition and … Continue Reading

The Art of Healing by La Mer – The Power of Small Exhibition

The Art of Healing by La Mer – “The Power of Small” Exhibition with Lorraine Loots Just attended the private preview of an interesting exhibition, which is The Art of Healing by La Mer.  In order to bring out the power of small, La Mer has collaborated with the miniature painting artist Lorraine Loots to … Continue Reading

Daily Essentials

Finally some temperature dropped in Hong Kong.  What is your daily essentials? I don’t like complicated daily routine, I prefer simple but effective products.  Here are a few of my daily essential products I used these few days. For your skin, for your hair, for your hands and for your scent.  Hope you like them. … Continue Reading

CHANEL Hydra Beauty Nutrition Nourishing Lip Care

CHANEL Hydra Beauty Nutrition Nourishing Lip Care Recently CHANEL launched a new lip care product, the CHANEL Hydra Beauty Nourishing Lip Care (10g).  I think it is a replacement product of the previous Hydramax + Active Nutrition Lip Care which has been discontinued.  As expected, it is a white balm which melts as you smooth it on … Continue Reading

No Makeup Day Essentials

Having a 2-week leave without an overseas trip seems ridiculous to some people.  But for me, staying home or walking around the neighbourhood without any time-pressed is the most relaxing moment.  :)Having said that, I don’t wear any makeup on holiday, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t look awake and confident.  My essentials for … Continue Reading

Cle de Peau Beaute Brightening Serum Supreme

Cle de Peau剛推出了新升級版美白精華Brightening Serum Supreme,從外觀看,名字、容量都沒變,但瓶身的顏色不同了。很喜歡那漸變色的瓶身設計,多了一份時尚感。雖然本身用緊的美白精華還沒用完,都急不及待,今天開始試用起來了。Cle de Peau說這升級版能更深層的滲透,發揮更佳美白和均勻膚色的作用。等我試下先! {Updated 13 Jul, 2014} 整瓶升級版的Cle de Peau Brightening Serum Supreme已經用完,並把之前未用完的舊版拿出來再用。比較下,的確發現升級版是真的質感更幼細,比舊版更快吸收。至於美白效果,一向Cle de Peau都是我最放心的選擇。不知道你會不會有同感,如果你一向都注重保養,最佳的保養品就是能令你盡量保持現狀,盡量長時間令你維持不變,對嗎?