Met the Janavi cashmere blanket with embroidery of a cat

A few months ago, my beloved 15 years old cat Licqoo passed away.  She was my sweetheart, my cuddle and my styling buddy #StylistLicqoo.  You can read some of our styling works together here and here in the past.  I was deeply mourned.  One day, I walked by Lane Crawford in ifc Mall and saw a little show booth of JANAVI, an Indian cashmere brand, displayed an embroidered cashmere scarf with a cat pattern. It immediately drawn my attention and hit my heart.  Then, the saleslady told me that I can order a tailor-made one with an embroidery pattern of a picture I provided.  I picked the largest blanket and provided them my favourite picture of Licqoo.

Janavi cashmere blanket with embroidery of Licqoo

My embroidery of Licqoo blanket arrived

A few months have gone, and my Licqoo embroidered blanket finally arrived.  When I opened the packaging, I was about to burst into tears.  The craftsmanship is incredible and looks so much alike the picture.  When I look into its eyes, I feel like Licqoo is alive.  I quickly took a short video, hoping to share with you how I am amazed.  For sure, this JANAVI cashmere blanket will become my styling essential for this winter and more in the future.  Though I cannot hold on to Licqoo, this blanket will keep me comfort and warm on her behalf.

Let me know what you feel below after seeing the video.  Till next time!

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