Alexander McQueen Fall-Winter 2015Alexander McQueen Pre-Autumn Winter 2015

Alexander McQueen has just made their pre-autumn winter collection available.  It’s not a surprise that as usual, their collections are to die for.  While for this coming season, you can say Alexander McQueen are going back to basic; but I would phrase it as they are just launched a perfect all time classic collection.  When you look at the collection, the colour scheme are in black, white, red, grey and burgundy.  What else do you need?  Take a look of the items they are showcasing.  Oh my god, each and every item are exactly my go to style and they are the perfect staples I always crave for.

 If in a dreamy world where budget is not a concern, I would just ordered the whole collection and to be the happiest gal for sure.  Oh but come on, I am living in reality.  So, what I’d like to do is to pick a few items to share with you where I think are the most versatile and good for your wardrobe as well forever.

First, the peak shoulder one button jacket.  For jacket, the McQueen’s cut is my most favourite choice.  I always think that this peak shoulder, the curve on the waist and the flare at the back are having magic power.

The poplin ruffle shirt. When white shirt is an all time classic, a McQueen ruffle white shirt is a forever classy icon.

The grainy calf leather legend.  The form and shape is something you can’t miss for an outstanding winter bag.  Though for me, this is a bit tricky as I have the Givenchy Antigona in black which has a rather similar form.  But wait, this is in burgundy.  Burgundy is still a colour of focus in the coming fall.

The pencil skirt.  For those who knows me will find me fond of pencil skirt very much.  And this McQueen pencil skirt is simple, sleek and gorgeous.

Lastly, the military ankle boots. When you have an overall feminine look, it’s good to go with a pair of military ankle boots.  It’s still elegant, yet it adds strength and attitude to your whole outfit.

Hope you link my picks.  Go to the links above or to my Pinterest to see the details of these items.  Don’t forget to take a look of their pre-autumn winter looks here.  I can’t stop myself Pinterest them. Hahaa! ❤

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