RubyK’s MoodBoard Jan 2012

Ever tried to create your own mood board?  RubyK loves to read magazine and I will cut out all my fancy items and stick to a beautiful sketch book.  I am not an art base person, but I enjoy very much on this journey.  You have to check on your budget whenever you do shoppings, but you don’t even look at the price tag when making your mood board selection.  Whatever you like, take it!  Nowadays, it’s even more convenient in doing so, what you need is an iPad with Zinio magazines and some good photo apps.  That’s it.
RubyK's MoodBoard Jan 2012

I would like to present my RubyK’s MoodBoard on this 2012 new year day.  Key words are “celebration”, “fabulous” & “nude vs pattern vs sparkle”.  All are not aligned styles while I think there should be no boundary on mix & match for a new year start.  Happy New Year!!

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